Tradition, Taste, Quality, and Choice at Your Fingertips

A Mountain Taste

Welcome to the Lounge Bar Restaurant of Granduca Wellness Mountain Campigna, a place where our family is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to enjoy a vacation in complete freedom and comfort.

Our lounge bar offers a wide and varied selection of delicacies, focusing on the typical products of the Tuscan and Romagnola regions. Delight your palate with a vast choice of Tuscan and Romagnola cured meats, high-quality cheeses, mountain bread, and freshly baked focaccia.

Additionally, you’ll be pampered with our carefully prepared dishes, including our renowned ragù and fresh pasta, skillfully paired with the best labels from local and national wineries. Every dish is a culinary experience that will lead you to discover the authentic flavors of our land.

You can enjoy all these delicacies in the comfort of your apartments, where our dishes, prepared or selected with passion by Granduca Campigna, will make every meal an unforgettable moment during your vacation.

In our restaurant lounge bar, our priority is to offer you a complete and satisfying gastronomic experience, enriched by our dedication to quality and local culinary tradition. Come and discover the gastronomic treasures of Granduca Wellness Mountain Campigna and let yourself be captivated by the authentic flavors of our cuisine.