UNESCO World Heritage Site

Casentinesi Forests National Park

Welcome to the enchanting Casentinesi Forests National Park, an oasis of biodiversity and natural beauty in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian territory. This immense natural heritage offers a unique experience for those who wish to immerse themselves in unspoiled nature and discover its rich flora and fauna.

Exploring the Flora:

The Casentinesi Forests National Park is renowned for its extraordinary flora, which includes a wide range of plant species. Among the ancient forests of beech, oak, chestnut, and fir, you will also find rare and precious endemic plants. During walks along the park’s trails, you can admire the colors and scents of nature, with blooms of wild orchids, gentians, lilies, and many other plants that adorn the alpine meadows and woods.

Encounter with Wildlife:

The park’s forests are home to extraordinary wildlife. Here, you can spot deer, wild boars, roe deer, and, on rare occasions, even the elusive Apennine wolf. Bird enthusiasts will be fascinated by the wide variety of species that inhabit the park, including golden eagles, peregrine falcons, and numerous other birds of prey.

Trails and Points of Interest:

The park offers an extensive network of hiking trails that wind through breathtaking landscapes and natural interest points. From shorter, more accessible routes to more challenging ones, there is something for all skill levels and experiences. Must-see places include the picturesque Camaldoli Hermitage, an ancient monastery nestled in the forest, and Mount Falterona, with its stunning views and crystal-clear springs.

Guided Experiences and Environmental Education:

For a more comprehensive experience, consider joining guided tours led by local naturalist experts. These excursions offer the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the park and its extraordinary biodiversity, opening your eyes to the beauty and importance of conserving the natural environment.

An Unforgettable Adventure:

Exploring the Casentinesi Forests National Park is more than just a walk in nature; it is an experience that nourishes the soul and renews the spirit. With its rich landscapes, flora, and fauna, this wonderful park offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the beauty and majesty of nature. Are you ready for an unprecedented adventure? Come and discover the Casentinesi Forests National Park and be enchanted by its extraordinary beauty and biodiversity.